James C Chen, PhD

Associate Research Scientist

Past Affiiliations: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH; B.S.

Research: Dr. Chen obtained his B.S. in Biology with electives in computer programming and applied mathematics at Case Western Reserve University. He completed his PhD in Genetics and Systems Biology with Dr. Andrea Califano at Columbia University, where he developed and validated the DIGGIT algorithm in a jointly computational and basic sciences thesis project. The algorithm reconstructs and identifies the key master regulators that govern complex pathologies and infers the candidate mutations that drive them. The technologies he developed with Dr. Califano serve as cornerstone pieces for his work with the DATA Core. His current research interests involve extending regulatory network modeling to immune interactions and immunopathologies including autimmune/inflammatory diseases, and cancer immune evasion.

Fun fact: Dr. Chen plays two instruments and is a member of a competitive weightlifting team